This space is dedicated to the people from all paths of life, interested in participating in analysis and reflections on religious, cultural, political, social and environmental concepts and their impact on the modern world. We are guided by 16 principles that form the base of the Guaracyan Philosophy. Among them, we highlight the ones that relate to freedom of Spiritual expression. We do not intend to alter or dismiss any tradition or philosophical theory. One of the objectives of our quest is to understand the essential mythological roots that served as a base for the social organization of ancient civilizations and how they relate to our world today.

We know that through the dynamic of natural evolution, many things have progressed through the eras while others have remained stagnant. We see this clearly when we observe the disparity between tremendous scientific and technological advancements, and religious fundaments which, based on unaltered dogmas, got stuck in time.

What company today would want to depend on the same communications technology used during the beginning of the 20th century? Who, with any common sense, would rather use the conventional medical expertise of 50 years ago? Would you want to be treated with the dentistry methods of Tiradentes, a Brazilian dentist who became famous as a political leader, in the 18th century? No, certainly not. But many still insist in holding on to beliefs that are based on questionable concepts even if they have remained unaltered for thousands of years. This creates in today's world, two distinct and contradictory realities. The progressive reality tries, through the Light of knowledge, to raise life expectancy from 40 years-old (the average not long ago) to eighty or more. The other more obscure reality rejects and fights the progress of stem-cells research, a technology that may be able to cure many illnesses and save many lives. Up to what point can this type of confrontation contribute, to the expansion of human Consciousness? It is clear that we cannot simply put aside many ethical questions involved in these issues. But, on the other hand, we cannot omit ourselves in the face of regressive actions, based on a merely relative ethical approach created to support a particular kind of interest.

Various other topics related to today's crucial questions, such as the environment, sustainable development, social responsibility, and art as an instrument for spiritual growth, will also be discussed in this space. This space is open to you. Participate and plant here your convictions to harvest with us the Guaracyan Fruits.

The Wheat