Be what God made you and not what religions make of God. The plurality of paths that lead to God, should not be mistaken with Polytheism. Likewise, religious radicalism should not be mistaken for Monotheism. All plurality is relative in the view of Absolute Unity. Omniscience precedes the nobility of Creation, in the same way that, in the created world, intentions precede multiple destinies. When we conceive of a unique Creator of Life, we transform the limited time of destinies into Eternity. We consider the relative death, as a natural phenomenon of the reconstruction of God. Do not suffer if you are not able to Love God. Do not feel overwhelmed by God's Laws. Our God, the only One, the creator of the Primordial Light, does not need servants or our mundane passions. Instead, God expects us to be the mere Reflection of God's Peace.



Nothing has created more conflicts and discords in humanity than the preaching of relative Truths. Most often, the military, political, economic and religious discourses do not consider the dynamics of natural evolution in which the human intelligence is inserted, and for many reasons they remain trapped in concepts that are not coherent with today's reality. In this way, we reached the Third Millennium "littered" with outdated doctrines and useless beliefs that have fundaments lacking common sense, which should have been abolished a long time ago. However, as it is easier to justify a thousand misconceptions than to change a single concept, very little has been done to reduce the great contradictions in the world. The Primordial Light, because it is not composed, is the only "substance" entirely Absolute in our Universe. Whenever we access the dimension of Light, we transcend forms and differences and enter a world in which the Spiritual Consciousness is free of incoherence. The Absolute Light is to the Wisdom of the great Masters, as the relative truth is to the institutions that represent them. Spirituality is an instrument that transforms knowledge into wisdom. Our commitment, as spiritualists, is to find the meaning of Life in the Light.



At some point in Eternity, the Primordial Light concentrated, generating Nuclear Fire, Heat, and Pressure before fragmenting itself to give birth to the world of different realities. This unique Creator Principle is the same as the Principle that gives all humans the power to Create. This phenomenon is physically represented by innumerous explosions responsible for the creation of matter and all forms of Life in the Universe. The concentration of Primordial Light triggers in the core of our soul that which we call inspiration. When we are inspired, our Creative and Creator resources go through total ebullition. Intensified by the Nuclear Fire, our perceptive ability reaches its utmost stage. This Fire, also called libido, is responsible for the crystallization of the diverse energies involved in this process. This phenomenon can be perceived in the achievement of projects, from the simplest ones to the most complex, like the birth of a child. We should not classify Life pretentiously thinking that we can assign a hierarchical order to the different forms of consciousness. All living beings have inherent natural intelligence. The capacity to develop skilled abilities is also a natural resource that should be used for the Preservation of Life and not for domination. Accepting life as a fragment of the Primordial Light, we enter in communion with all the differences and become One.



We consider enlightened all those like, Jesus, Buddha, Jehovah, Mohammed, Krishna, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Guaracy, and the great prophets of all religions, who have made of their Live a true Masterpieces of transformations. Although, many of their teachings have been distorted by the institutions that represent them, their Essence remains preserved. The great spiritual objectives are determined by the ideas that made them Liberators. The Paths opened by the Enlightened Ones should be followed by all those who dream with Universal Fraternity. However, we cannot mistake spiritual path with religious dependency. Any person can develop their own Spiritual path, no matter their religious background. This does not demerit the work of good-willed people, and that of Priests and Priestesses, who dedicated and still dedicate great efforts for the well-being of their communities. However, we cannot deny that we are akin to what we believe and we follow. Understanding this, it is wiser to reflect upon our personal quest rather than to obey and follow doctrines that spread intolerance.



Those who believe in the existence of demons are, to say the least, polytheistic. We cannot admit a power that is parallel to that of God, otherwise we would be supporting the idea of a non-existent war between Good and Evil. Balance, according to Guaracyan Philosophy exists between excess and scarcity. Due to the continuous movement that characterizes the relative world, we define balance as a dynamic state that we pass through, back and forth, like the swing of a pendulum. As we approach the point of balance, our energies are rekindled and stored to be used later at a moment when we are distant from it. However, when we are distant from this point it does not necessarily mean that we are unbalanced. Unbalance happens when we do not deal well with the loss of energies, due to our lack of consciousness. This can cause innumerous problems. Among these are those attributed to demonical interferences. In reality, nothing is naturally negative. They are either in the wrong place or at the wrong time. We live with them and use them to justify out failures. The best way to fight demons is to not create them.
"What you create reveals the creatures you will parent"



There is no life outside Nature. The preservation and full development of Life depends upon the Spiritual Consciousness, not only upon the intellectual knowledge of biodiversity. Placing Nature in a Sacred dimension is the Guaracyan way of integrating Humans into Totality. God is not in Nature. God is Nature. Those who look for God outside Nature are excluding themselves from Life. The Lord of the Universe is One, thus there is no distance between the Creator and Life. The Temple of the Creator is Creation itself. The proliferation of religious temples created by humans reflects how distant humanity is from God. The frenetic quest for salvation can lead to prejudice and moralistic interpretations that have been recorded for centuries. Many religions today, battle over the monopoly of Truth and the mercantilist conquest of new adepts. This phenomenon has two aspects. The first one is the desire for Power. The second is the confirmation of the effectiveness of leader's methods through the acquisition of new followers. There is no negotiating with Nature's Laws. Everything is equal in the face of Life, Time, and Death. Nothing can be artificially added or removed without natural consequences. Through these effects we learn, evolve, and identify in each natural reaction a reference to follow. Everything in Nature is in balance and follows its own dynamic, independently of the globalization promoted by human interests. Make Nature the Temple of the Creator. Warm up with the Sun, Produce with the Earth, Purify yourself with the Waters, and become free like the Birds.



We consider The Bible as one of many well-intentioned historical books produced by humans. Nature, however is the Book of Life written by the hands of God. In its "pages", full of splendors, we can perceive God as infinitely intelligent, generous and fair. A God who's Laws are entirely committed to the Miracle of Life, without prejudice, discrimination, and moralism. Those who are in harmony with the Natural Laws will be with God, free of fear and guilt. The manifestations of God in the Temple of Nature should be Seen, not only heard. The Light contained in the birth of a child, the blooming of a flower, the flavor of an apple, cannot be described with words. We need to See, Feel, Experience, and be a part of it. During life we hear many stories about God and its extraordinary Creation. Generally we believe in all of them without questioning the "fantastic" aspects contained between the lines. We know that the symbolism associated with anthropomorphism facilitates the comprehension of the subjective world. But when these representations get trapped in fanatic and sectarian trails, God is presented like a tyrant, almost always angry. This has promoted intolerance in the world and increased human suffering. So, what can we expect from religions leaders who are unwilling to sit at same table and discuss Peace? What is the true religion of God? If the religious goal is to reconnect with God, why don't animals need religion? Are animals such inferior beings that they are unworthy of the love of their Creator? We read Nature because not everything has been written.



In ancient times, great battles were fought against idolatry. Objects were destroyed, images were crushed, people were murdered, and great fear was instilled towards rituals of adoration. Today we live with the most perverse of all "idolatries". The "golden calf" was transformed into different currencies, adored and desired by humanity drunk with consumerism and religious people eager for power. The idols adored and revered by Guaracyans are forms of life naturally protected against hypocrisy. Do not be afraid to idolize the Waters, revere the Forests, and adore Birds and Animals. There shall never be someone on the face of the Earth with the moral right to judge, condemn or prevent any manifestation of Love for Nature. Elect as your Sacred value, your Water (rain, river, ocean, mist, lake, natural spring), your Tree, your Animal, your Bird, your Rock, your Fruit. Create your rites with those whom you are akin and cultivate your sacred values and theirs. Teach children the magic of agriculture, and revere the farmers. Find in the peaceful relationship with the forests, the herbs that heal, the fruits that nourish, the flowers that enchant, and revere the botanists. Perceive the Marine life and revere the biologists. Contemplate the rocks and revere the geologists. Respect the dignity of animals and revere Peace.



Scientists, authors, composers, educators, farmers, priests, environmentalists, artists, physicists, and all who in an ethical way reveal the Light of Knowledge, are to be considered Masters of Light. We consider Ethical all the procedures in harmony with the laws of God and the laws of Humans. It is common to think, that only priests and priestesses have the right credentials to represent God for humans and vice-versa. This is a millenary misconception that needs to be reconsidered for the wellbeing of humanity. Any person, with common sense and free of guilt, fear and prejudice, is able to perceive the Work of God through the great Masters of Science. It is easier to find God in a microbiology lab, than in sumptuous temple empty of meaning or filled only with rhetoric concepts. Many Masters of the Arts have the ability to take us to a divine dimension. If humanity would pay the same attention to the call of environmentalists than to religious preaching, the quality of life on our Planet would be better. Do not wait for miracles to happen. Make them happen. Miracles are the effects of causes still unknown to Humans. If Jesus died up-right with his arms open, the least a Christian can do is not to remain sitting with their arms crossed. This means that the search for knowledge is the best way for us to acknowledge the miracles of God, the wonders of Life.



Do not be eluded by perverse forms of seduction. Be coherent with what you feel, say and do. Do not transform the glories of your deaths in pseudo-sacrifices. Do not die for causes. Live for them, and with wisdom multiply the Wheat to obtain abundance of Bread. Do not allow your children to be exposed to messages that can induce them to concepts that are not suitable for good human development and Universal Fraternity. May countries sing their natural and cultural beauties. May political leaders be admired for their courage of not going to war. Peace is born in our intentions and crystallizes into peaceful actions. The greatest challenge for a warrior is to disarm his own Soul. When the price of heroism is paid with suffering, there is no Honor. The history of wars is written with the blood of many who fell for the interests of few. The armed conflict is a prehistoric practice that needs to be abolished from our civilized world and not only repudiated in vain speeches. No power should out-rule the aspirations of humanity. Peace and social justice will only be restored with the strengthening of diplomatic organizations that have humanitarian interests and transcend imperialistic ambitions.



Every act of corruption conduces to the miserable and regretful human decadence. For centuries humans have been suffering the negative effects provoked by the direct and indirect forms of corruption that violate their Sacred Values. An example is the disastrous conversion that was imposed upon native peoples forcing them to substitute their millenary beliefs. Many of these people have become marginalized today, and struggle to overcome alcoholism and poverty. This type of violence, generally disguised by demagogy, disorganizes the cultural structures that support people's beliefs and traditions. Once severed from their Tradition, people try by all means to find support to reduce the social and moral impacts. Most of these attempts merely result in escape mechanisms. Prostitution, drugs, violence, promiscuity and their social consequences are some of the effects caused by the absence of Sacred values. Unfortunately, the acts of corruption are not limited to political and economical spheres. Their tentacles also reach many traditions in which the use of false religious power is an instrument to exploit people's faith.



Our genetic, social, cultural, spiritual and geographical origins represent the bases on which we build our identity. To deny them is to betray our own Consciousness. Each nation needs to preserve its Culture and the citizenship of its people. This does not mean to close borders and to deny other cultural expression. The miscegenation of cultures is part of the natural dynamic that promotes the communion between people. Each people, should cultivate their roots to maintain their national identity alive. The world geography is fragmented through forces of nature. The traditions of each people are based on customs that originate from climates, soil compositions, religious influences at the time of its foundation, and other factors. The multiplicity of religious beliefs, within the same cultural context, does not necessarily mean the degradation of original values.



The elders are children who play in the garden of life disguised by the Mask of Time. Their slow pace reminds us of the first steps we took when we learned how to keep our balance. Their distant look seeks what the mirrors of vanity can no longer reflect. Their thoughts come from a profound place where everything quiets to listen to the Voice of Wisdom. These are the Elders. The Old Warriors who have earned their right to rest in the arms of Respect. To abandon them is worst than denying our own history. It is an ethical aberration, unacceptable for any civilized people. It is impossible to enter in communion with spiritual principles when the soul is degraded. The spiritual illnesses, the ones that undermine the soul, are morally fatal and spread quickly through the avenues of intolerance. The reconstruction of human Consciousness does not solely come with a spiritual comprehension of the world, but mainly with the practice of solidarity. The love for the children, the respect for the elderly and the compassion for the sick, are acts that may not take one to paradise, but will certainly dignify one's life.



No one shall eat Fruits that they did not plant, or drink Waters that they did not collect. The multiplication of the Bread depends on the harvest of the Wheat. We, Guaracyans, pollinate the Earth with winds from the East. We fertilize Life and are Reborn in the Light of all Enlightened Ones. The Wheat precedes the bread in the same proportion that Dreams precede achievements. Its timeless seeds show that there is no space or time between potential and possibilities. Its nutritional properties symbolize the Food of Life in a world hungry for dreams, and thirsty for Achievements. The world's hunger is a reflection of spiritual misery, which for centuries has been undermining human dignity. Many people today, abandoned at the edge of "nowhere", live the tragedy caused by the lack of food that has not been planted. This food is substituted by polluting industry for objects of futile satisfaction. Find in the Wheat the generosity of the Earth. Plant the seeds of hope in the depth of your Consciousness, because seeds are the last to die.



Free is the one who can choose his own oppressor. The bars of the inner prisons are not made of iron, but of despair. Liberate to be free. Break the chains of shadows that enslaved you to yourself. The Guaracyan Philosophy is based on 16 principles, 15 of which are published. The Sixteenth Principle, named The Spiritualists' Portal, will be added by those who freely accept the ideas proposed in the previous 15 Principles.

from Carlos Buby

Founder of Templo Guaracy



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